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Router troubleshooting | Look at the indicator lights for the router

It is estimated that everyone has a deep understanding, often encountered many inexplicable routing problems, the problem is not, the impact is deep, every time on the Baidu or asked manufacturers, troublesome and time-consuming!


I do not know whether you have noticed the indicator light of the router?

You see or not, the indicator light is there, bright or not lit;

You know or don't understand, the indicator light is there, suggestive;


The indicator light reflects the working status of the router just like the context. When a problem occurs in the network, you can use the indicator light to make a preliminary judgment and self-diagnose where the fault has occurred!

As the saying goes, know what you know why, understand the route indicator before you look at its interface ~


Router interface



The indicator and interface of the router are generally one-to-one correspondence, and they are generally on the front, which is convenient for users to use and view directly!

The general wireless router mainly includes a power interface, a USB port, a reset button (Reset button), a WAN port, and a LAN port.

Among them, the LAN port is mainly used to connect the computer, the WAN port is used to connect the external network cable, and the reset button is used to restore the factory default settings.

The general connection of the router is that the WAN port is used to connect the optical cat or the user network cable, and the LAN port is used to connect the computer and the like!


Next  popularity router indicator meaning

Router indicators can be divided into four categories: power indicator, SYS system indicator, LAN indicator, and WAN indicator. The meanings of these four indicators are as follows:


SYS system indicator

The system indicator is the working status of the router. Flashing represents normal. If the SYS system indicator is not blinking or is off, it is basically a problem with the router itself.


Power Indicator

The indicator of the power supply's power supply must be bright in normal operation. If the indicator is off, the router is broken or the power supply is not plugged in.


LAN indicator

The LAN interface is directly connected to the computer. If the LAN port is connected to the computer with a network cable, the LAN indicator will be on after the computer is turned on. If it is not bright, it indicates that the interface or network cable is faulty, and the interface problem may be the router interface or the computer network card interface. problem.


WAN indicator

The WAN indicator shows the external broadband signal indicator. If the indicator is on, it indicates that the port is connected to the front end of the cat. When there is data transmission, for example, when the device is connected, the WLAN port will continue to blink.


△ If the WAN indicator is off, there is a problem with the cat or external network cable.

△ If the WAN indicator is on but not blinking, and the Internet connection is not available, there is a problem with the network line. You can call the service provider to confirm whether the broadband line is faulty.


In the future router failure can not get on the network, there are four lights explicitly hinted, you can roughly determine in the end is the router, network cable or networked equipment problems, the right medicine, quick to solve the network failure!

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