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What are the router product types?

Router products have different types according to different standards. The common routers are classified into the following categories:
According to the performance grade is divided into high, medium and low grade routers.
A router with a router throughput of more than 40Gbps is generally called a high-end router, a router with a back throughput of 25Gbps to 40Gbps is called a mid-range router, and a router with less than 25Gbps is considered as a low-end router. Of course, this is only a macroscopic division standard. The division of each manufacturer is not completely consistent. In fact, the division of router grades is based not only on throughput but also on a comprehensive index. Taking the largest market share of Cisco as an example, the 12000 series is a high-end router, and the 7500 series routers are low-end and mid-range routers.
From the structure is divided into "modular routers" and "non-modular routers."
Modular architecture can flexibly configure routers to adapt to the growing business needs of enterprises. Non-modular can only provide fixed ports. Usually, the high-end routers have a modular structure, and the low-end routers have a non-modular structure.
Functionally, routers can be classified into backbone routers, enterprise routers, and access routers.
The backbone router is a key device for enterprise-level network interconnection. It has a large data throughput and is very important. The basic performance requirements for backbone routers are high speed and high reliability. In order to obtain high reliability, network systems generally adopt traditional redundancy technologies such as hot backup, dual power supplies, and dual data paths, so that the reliability of backbone routers is generally not a problem.
Enterprise routers connect many terminal systems and have many connection objects. However, the system is relatively simple and the data traffic is small. The requirement for such routers is to achieve as many endpoint interconnections as possible and to support Different quality of service.
Access-level routers are mainly used to connect small business customers in homes or ISPs.


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