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Router can not access the Internet solution

Router failure due to misconfiguration of the router is now the most common problem! Incorrect configuration refers to the phenomenon that the network cannot run because of improper settings of the router.


A typical router configuration file is divided into several parts: the administrator part (router name, password, service, log); the port part (address, encapsulation, bandwidth, cost of measurement, authentication); and the routing protocol part (IGRP/EIGRP, OSPF, RIP, BGP); traffic management part (access control list, community); routing principle part (routing mapping); intervention part beyond the broadband (console, remote login, dial-up) and so on. The following Xiao Bian gave everyone a detailed explanation of the solution to the specific problem. If you think that it is practical, don't forget to load and share it.


One, can not be normal dialer

Cause of the fault: The router's address setting is incorrect.

Solution: Open the WEB browser, enter the address of the router in the address bar: (This article takes the routing of the LB-LINK brand as an example. The setting of other brand routes is the same. Xiaobian will not introduce them one by one); At this point, the system will ask for the login password. The default is account admin and password admin. After entering the management interface, select the “WAN port setting” option under the “Network parameters” menu; select the “WAN port connection type” in the right main window. "PPPoE"; enter "Internet account" and "Internet access password"; finally click the "Connect" button.


Second, some computers cannot connect properly

Cause: The ISP is unable to connect because it is bound to the MAC address. Because some ISPs restrict the number of access users, after they are bound to the MAC address on the authentication server, users who are not in the bound range cannot connect to the Internet normally.


Solution: Connect the computer with the MAC address to the router's LAN port first (the router should not connect to the connection provided by the ISP or Modem); then use the router's MAC address cloning function to copy the MAC address of the network card to the WLAN of the broadband router. Port; then on the computer that is not bound to the MAC address as follows: Click "Start → Run" in the computer's main menu bar, enter "cmd/k ipconfig/all", where "Physical Address" is the MAC address of the machine .


Third, can not browse the web

Cause: The DNS resolution of the router caused an address resolution error.

Solution: It is recommended to manually set the DNS server address (the address provided by the ISP office) on the computer and network card. Open the router management interface, find the "WAN parameters" field in the "Network Parameters"; then manually set the DNS server address below; also in the "DHCP Service" setting you also need to manually set the DNS server address and alternate DNS server address ( Change the address to get from ISP supplier).



Fourth, can not log in the router management interface

Failure reason: The connection created before the login was incorrect.

Solution: First check the hardware connection between the broadband router and the computer; check whether the LAN indicator on the router is normal; temporarily turn off the computer's antivirus software and firewall; set the IP address of the machine to the same network segment as the broadband router; The gateway address is set as the router's default IP address. Open the "Internet Options" dialog box; in the "Connection" option, if you have ever created a connection, select the "Dial Up Connection Never" option, click the "LAN Settings" button, and uncheck all the checked options. can.


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