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Poor wireless signal coverage

 The wireless routers in their homes are like blades, but in reality, whether they are watching video or brushing microblogging, they have always been "circling around." A great deal of life is wasted waiting for the buffering of network content, which is very anxious. Excluding the problem of the operator's network line, the signal quality problem of the wireless network is facing us. The network in the home is not smooth, and it is very likely that the wireless signal is not good enough, causing the wireless network to be unstable and causing such a bad network experience.

    To solve this problem, our first idea is often to "change a new router!" After the new router is put into the home, it can't solve the problem of wireless signal coverage in most cases. In fact, we can start with our own routers to enhance wireless signals through adjustments. There are three main factors affecting the quality of wireless signals in the home. One is the transmit power of the wireless router, one is the channel for wireless signal transmission, and the other is the location of the wireless router.


Adjust the transmit power

    First of all, we entered the management background of the wireless router and found the option of “transmitting power” in the wireless settings. Since the national regulations dictate that wireless routers transmit power no more than 100mW, many wireless routers have a default transmit power of 50% or 75% at the factory. We can manually adjust it to 100% to increase the wireless signal strength. In addition, you can also adjust the wireless signal to “wall-through mode” in the option or mobile app of the wireless router. This is the same effect as adjusting the transmit power, but it is changed.


Pick a smooth wireless channel

    After adjusting the transmit power, we next improve the wireless signal quality by modifying the wireless channel. With wireless routers in every home, wireless channels are prone to overlap, resulting in poor quality wireless networks. Through the "WirelessMon" software, wireless network card applications or wireless router mobile app, we can scan the surrounding wireless channels. After getting the scan results, we can select a more idle channel in the "wireless settings" of the router to increase the wireless signal strength and bid farewell to congestion.


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