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  • BJ-1082
  • BJ-1082
  • BJ-1082


  • Product name:Wifi Extender
  • Chipset:RT8881AN+RT8192ER
  • Frequency:2.4Ghz&5Ghz
  • Product description: Wireless Standard:IEEE 802.11ac/b/g/n
    Working Mode:AP Mode ,Repeater Mode ,Router Mode
    Button:Reset /WPS

Why Choice Bribase Wifi Repeater ?

BJ-1082 WiFi Range Extender boosts your existing network range&speed,delivering dual band WiFi up to 750Mbps.It has three WiFi modes to extend existing WiFi connection or create a new AC WiFi accss point. The BJ-1082 provides high-performance forwarding capabilities to establish one super high-speed connection ,ideal for HD video streaming &gaming experiences.

Whether Support WPS Function ?

Yes,Support .

WPS:Simplify Wi-Fi wireless security settings and network management

Which Working Mode can support ?

BJ-1082 Can Support Three Working Mode

Repeater Mode

AP Mode

Router Mode

How to do choice the Working Mode?

First:Choice Repeater Mode ,Connected Power.

Second:Choice you want extended Wifi Router and Conntected

Third:Input http://ap.setup

Simply Operation

How do operate there three Mode ?

Different Mode Use Different Connected Ways , Mutil-function Wifi Repeater ,One Wifi Repeater Support Three Mode ,Simply Operation ,Plug and Play.

Whether Support Other Types Plug ?

Sure ,Three Version you can optional .

Other Types We Can According to your requirement Customized.

How do change the Plug ?

How do use it better ?

According to your house design ,you can put into the weak signal place .

How to confirmed the Working condition ?

2.4G Signal/
5G Signal
LED off
No wifi signal
LED flashing
Transferring data
LED off
Power off
LED on
Power on
WiFi Signal Strength Indicator
One LED on
Weak reception ,strength below 25%
Two LEDs on
Good reception,strength 50%~75%
Three LEDs on
Excellent reception,strength above 75%
LED on
Cable connection ok
LED off
Cable connection not ok

Whether fit travel use?

Sure ,this model is Mini design ,Small and Portable.

Fit Travel ,Outdoor Business and Meeting.



Contact: Cason Wong

Phone: +86-13632893723

Tel: +86-755-84282772

Email: sales1@bribase.net

Add: No. 246, Shenshan Road, Heping Community, Pingshan Street, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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