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  • Product description:
    Description:Mini Wifi Router
    Chipset project:Ralink5350
    Function:Firewall, QoS
    LAN Ports:1
    WAN Ports:1
    Model Number:BH-1020
    Wireless Rate:150Mbps

The mini-wireless router is designed to meet the needs of wireless Internet users who need to travel frequently. It is based on the IEEE 802.11n standard and can extend the range of wireless networks to provide stable transmission up to 750Mbps and is compatible with IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g standard, functional and practical, superior performance, easy to manage and provide multiple security measures, can effectively protect the user's wireless Internet security.

Portable and Compact—Ideal for Home and Travel Use
Is the smallest wireless network router in the world and very easy to use. A traveler need simply plug a hotel room’s WAN cable into the port provided and enter a default password to instantly create a wireless hotspot in the root

USB Port and 1000mAH Powerbank for Power Supply
Has a USB port , it can provide power supply (up to 5V/1A) to mobile devices like smart phones or tablets,so that you can avoid the trouble of carrying several chargers while traveling

Home Portable 150Mbps Wireless Router Mini Router

Wireless Standard  IEEE802.11B,IEEE802.11G,IEEE802.11N
Wireless Rate  150Mbps 
Interface  1*10/100M WAN/LAN,1*10/100M LAN, 1 USB
Button  Reset 
LED Status indicator
Antenna  On-board
Power Supply  100-240V AC

Note: Now this WAN/LAN port we have add the LED indicators .Home Portable 150Mbps Wireless Router Mini Router


Multiple Operating Modes
Home Portable 150Mbps Wireless Router Mini Router

Support Different colors and other colors we can support customized.
Home Portable 150Mbps Wireless Router Mini Router
Mini Size and fit in Travel ,Home and Small business .
Home Portable 150Mbps Wireless Router Mini Router
Support Other Device 
Ralink5350: 150Mbps and can't support openwrt 
MTK7620N: 300Mbps and can support openwrt
You can according to your requirement choice.
Home Portable 150Mbps Wireless Router Mini Router



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