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  • Wireless Rate:300Mbps
  • Flash:8M
  • RAM:64M
  • Interface:1*WAN/LAN+3*LAN
  • Product description: Wireless Rate 300Mbps
    Button:1*RESET Button/WPS

    Wireless StandardIE:EE802.11b/g/n


300mbps Home Wireless WiFi Router
BR-321 is MT7628N chipset based Wireless N Router combined wired / wireless routers functions, complies IEEE 802.11n standard with wireless transmission speed up to 300Mbps,1*WAN port ,4*10/100Mbps ports to achieve the most effective data transmission.


With the development of mobile internet,more and more people prefer bringing tablets and smart phones for business or travel .BR-325 is designed for tablets and smart phones to access wireless network.Compact and portable,high performance,strong wifi signal,support 30 devices online on the same time.



Product Specifications:

Wireless Rate 300Mbps
Chipset MT7628N
Button 1*RESET Button/WPS
Flash 32M
RAM 512M
Antenna 4*5dBi
Interface 1*WAN/LAN+3*LAN

CPU Chipset:

BR-321 Using MT7628N Chipset Solution ,Support 300mbps wireless speed .Openwrt Firmware system.Accelerate Data Processing Speed, Compatibility, High-Speed Stability Networks status.


Support 20 devices online working at the same time


300Mbps WiFi Router Details:




Welcome to custom your brand wireless router.

OEM& ODM service:

Brand: printed your brand on product. packing.user manual.user management page.

Software:support custom openwrt or custom advertisement setting.

Logo:Put on product and package.

Package: custom your style packing way.


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